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David Schluss Art Collection
Inspired by masters such as Chagall, Miro and Botero, David Schluss uses his individualized technique of “hand painting” to create bright, joyful images of dancing figures that express his love of life. Named the official artist of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Schluss is already one of the top selling artists in the USA today with paintings currently being displayed in the Teffen Museum in Israel and The Museum of Modern Art ... Full Biography.
Love Embrace Photo Love Embrace, David Schluss
Schluss, A Journey to the World of David Schluss Photo Schluss, A Journey to the World of David Schluss, David Schluss
Solo Sonata Photo Solo Sonata, David Schluss
Our Song Photo Our Song, David Schluss
Dream Trio Photo Dream Trio, David Schluss
Orchestra Pop Photo Orchestra Pop, David Schluss
Concerto Photo Concerto, David Schluss
Duet Photo Duet, David Schluss
Rhapsody Photo Rhapsody, David Schluss
Celebration Dance Photo Celebration Dance, David Schluss
Piano Jamboree Photo Piano Jamboree, David Schluss
Waltzing Partners Photo Waltzing Partners, David Schluss
We Are The Champions Photo We Are The Champions, David Schluss
We Are The Champions Photo We Are The Champions, David Schluss
Artworks on Sale
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Christina's World Photo Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth
S. Sam Park, New Impressionism Photo S. Sam Park, New Impressionism, Sung Sam Park
Mika With Leaf Photo Mika With Leaf, Neema Bastin
Desert Mountain Photo Desert Mountain, Howard Koslow
Mini Triptych - Untitled Photo Mini Triptych - Untitled, Carl Rieger
Photo To Canvas Artwork Photo Photo To Canvas Artwork, You
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